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Comedy Open Mic - 24 Oct 2017

Comedy Open Mic - 24 Oct 2017
We had splendid nights on the 12th and 26th September. Come and support my fellow comics and me again and have a night and fun and laughter, on the 24 OCTOBER 2017!!!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Silver award, Australian Cinematographers Society

Vigilance - ReCAAP - Training Video from onedash22 on Vimeo.

Just got to know that this training video which I acted in last year was awarded the Silver award at the Australian Cinematographers Society Queensland 2012.

Shooting took place in from sunset to sunrise by waters off Tuas, the West side of Singapore.

This is the third short film that I have acted in a main role in that has won an award. For more, click here

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