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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Certified Dead

For more about the movie, go to http://certifieddead.sg

It is happening. We are now past the halfway mark for the shoots. One thing for sure, making a feature film needs stamina. It goes on and on. Shoots are expected to complete around early May 2015. Then post production will start and go on for 3 to 6 months. Our Indiegogo campaign for crowdfunding is also up. Please help us by contributing, Any amount helps. 

The money contributed will pay for post production, locations, transport and food to feed our cast and crew. As this is an artiste collaboration, none of us are paid upfront, but we hope that there will at least be money to pay for the food for the cast and crew. So please do help us.

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Certified Dead - Indiegogo from Reel Frenz on Vimeo.

Marrie Lee is the Executive Producer and Director, and also plays a cameo role in the film, This is her first feature film behind the camera, after a hiatus of 30 years in front, from her days in Cleopatra Wong. 

We also have Peter Sihan Chong, the star of "Ring of Fury", Peter  is a Kyokushin karate master and a former Assistant Superintendent of Police in Singapore. "Ring of Fury" is an old Singapore movie made by by Tony Yeow and James Sebastian in 1973, but was banned in Singapore for its portrayal of secret society intimidation.

Unlike many budget feature films, "Certified Dead" has a huge cast and many locations. We have been lucky as there are many people who love to act and also generous landlords who have been very kind to lend us their place for free. Many thanks.

Rain or shine, we soldier on. Most of us work on a regular job during the weekdays and on Certified Dead during the weekends. We normally stay on set for 12 to 14 hours each day - sometimes sleeping overnight on location. Crazy isn't it? :) 

So help us by donating. 

Click here.

Thank you in anticipation!

In Certified Dead, you will once again find me acting alongside Mr Richard Muru, my co-actor in Hentak Kaki. Do you remember Richard? He will be playing the role of 'my' childhood friend and family doctor. There, we will again be arguing, but over something else.

Postscriptum: We belong to a group called "Reel Frenz". We have made 9 short films over the last two years. You can find the films here. For more about Reel Frenz, click here.