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Monday, March 7, 2016

2nd Michael Chua Evening of Short Films (2016) - Review

Thanks for coming to the 2nd Michael Chua Evening of Short Films yesterday. Click here.  It was a full-house.
11 short films (120mins) were screened. They took at least 30x10 hours of shoot time, many more days of pre-production and post-production, and many tedious hours curating the films, seeking permissions, locations, testing out the films, publicity...etc, to make it all happen.
There are many short films in Singapore that do not get screened much, if at all. Which is such a pity! So I thought I'd do my small part to help. Capturing the audience's spontaneous response live is priceless - critical feedback for actors and directors/writers, in my view.
It is different watching films live on a big screen. Synergies happen when like-minded people meet face-to-face. Online 'likes' is no substitute.
Yesterday, a member of audience suggested that I should look at making such screenings commercially at mainstream cinemas. Another wants to meet the director and cinematographer of one of the short films to collaborate. I also got to discuss about a collaboration with a cinematographer and action choreographer, myself.
I think the next one should also screen good short films that I am not in. So in time, this event will pride itself as a screening of curated good short films.
Last, but not least, a big thank you to Lasalle, the film makers, the event helpers and the two beautiful bouquets.
The next one will be in two years' time. See you then.

The following films were screened (2 of original 13 were not ready in time.)
1. Mr Postman
2. Dispher
3. The Collector
4. Penghulu
5. Checkmate
6. AFLOAT  斗鱼
7. The Next Plot
8. 有情常在 BFF
9. I Could Have Been Happy
10. My Father's Smile
11. Hua


"Afloat" is the favourite among many, for its exquisite cinematography, strong story and realistic acting.

"Checkmate" is liked for the clever dialogue and metaphors, Some in the audience say that they like the believable insanity of the lead character.

"The Next Plot" - my friend notice that I had fleshed out the character very well. It looks very convincing that I was in pain. Well, the fact is that, I was really in pain. My back was killing me during the shoot, but the show must go on. Fortunately it helped with the performance.

"Dispher" - a cinematographer likes the clever use of camera angles and the postproduction. Evidently so, as many projects by Singapore Polytechnic film course students do. They love special effects.

"The Collector" is liked for its realistic backdrop and morbid story of a loving father who misses his daughter.

"有情常在 BFF" is liked for its Taiwanese feel. I supposed intentionally not made to look Singaporean. Meant to be exportable to China and Taiwan. So the producer's intention works.

"Mr Postman" - many laughed at the deadpan dark humour, so the writer's jokes work. Congratulations.

I did not gather much comments about the remaining films.

Some criticisms:

"Hua" - the audience was not clear that the older man is the step-father.

A general criticism that most of the films do not have good clear endings. Which I agree, including "The Next Plot", which I produced,