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Monday, September 8, 2014

Unite Against Corruption

Producer/Director: Michael Chua, Script: Michael Chua/Phil Gruber, DOP: Mark Song.

Our entry for CPIB's (Corrupt Practice Investigation Bureau Singapore) "Unite Against Corruption" Video Competition has won the Merit Award for the Open category. (Shouldn't it be called the "Meritorious Award"?)

Our main message is that if corruption goes unchecked,  ultimately everyone gets screwed. The challenge was to have the video suggestive enough and yet not judgmental or crude.  I think we got the balance just about right to get the message through.

This is the first video I have produced, directed, scripted and acted in. All in one go!!! :) 

Production went quite smoothly. We had difficulty getting a pair of handcuffs, as it is illegal to possess one in Singapore, so we made do with a toy version, but sand papered the gloss down to make it look metallic and real. The Lady-In-Red scene was captured in Joo Chiat, amid the sleazy bars and Vietnamese streetwalkers, to some degree of awkwardness. lol. But all in the name of fighting corruption and for a good cause!! :)

The prize presentation will be held on Saturday, 13 December 2014 during CPIB’s Roadshow at HDB Hub Mall.

Help us win the Viewer’s Choice Category !!!!!!!

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