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Monday, January 11, 2016

2nd Michael Chua Evening of Short Films (2016)

Only 80 seats available at the time of writing. ADMISSION IS FREE!
Priority will be given to Lasalle College of the Arts students and the cast and crew of the productions.


Number of seats available will be updated on Facebook (about this blogpost).
Admission by registration only.

Register by emailing "Name + Mobile Num" to: Mysticmichael@gmail.com

Once in a while with the permission of the copyright owners, I would organise a screening of short films I have acted in. The last one was held two years ago. 

Some of the films are available online, but it is better to watch it on big screen in the presence of many, and to understand more about the films and how they were made during the Q&A session that follows.


Event Details


DATE: 27th February 2016 (Saturday)
TIME: 6.30pm
VENUE: Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. Room F201

Directions/Map: click here.

Map and Directions
LASALLE’s campus at 1 McNally Street is located between Short Street and Prinsep Street.
By MRTRochor, Exit A (2-minute walk)
Little India, Exit A (8-minute walk)
Bugis, Exit A (9-minute walk)
Dhoby Ghaut, Exit A (15-minute walk)
By BusSBS: 23, 48, 56, 57, 64, 65, 131, 139, 147, 166
SMRT: 66, 67, 170, 851, 857, 960, 980
CarparkThe entrance to LASALLE’s basement carpark is located along McNally Street. The carpark parking rates as follow:


Some comments from the previous 'Michael Chua Evening':

"Generally well organized, get to see film clips completely different from the cookie cutter style comercial films. Displays how budget films attempts to wow audiences with subtle messages that address bigger issues in life"
--- Larry Lim

"I really enjoyed the short films - interesting, touching, entertaining.....Looking forward to the next screening. Thk u Michael for organising it."
--- Sally Teo

"It was a wonderful evening with a mix of talent and art from the film fraternity accompanied by the actor himself. Great work and an even humble and down to earth person. Michael truly was the star of the evening:). FABULOUS WORK! ! Looking forward to the next meet up."
--- Sankeshwari Deo

To find out about the previous 'Michael Chua Evening' (2014), click here.

Thirteen selected films in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay. 124 minutes.

Restricted to audience above 16 years of age only.

List of Films

1. Mr Postman

A Ngee Ann Polytechnic Production
Directed/Written by Mohit Rajgopal
Actors: Michael Chua & Ronald Goh

A mockumentary of a father and son team in a reality show.

(In English, 12 minutes)

2. Dispher

A Singapore Polytechnic Production.
Directed/Written by Yap Wen Hui
Actors: Michael Chua, Patrick Ong & Daeng Amer

A night taxi driver tales surrounding a mysterious box and his dilemma.

(In English, 6 mins 21 secs)

3. The Collector

Produced/Written by Mark Alexander
Directed by Darren Tan
Actors: Michael Chua, Ali Khan, Cherie Tay & Kelly Lim

psychologically unstable man who is compelled to confront his inner demons when he discovers a small music box that sparks memories of his daughter. 
(In English, 6 mins 58 secs)

4. Penghulu

Commissioned for the Singapore Writers' Festival, Utter 2013.
Story adapted from Pak Suleh (from Penghulu) by Suratman Markasan.
Directed by Lillian Wang
Actors: Michael Chua, M Ramlee, Nurijah Sahat, Syafiq Akmal, Shaquille Daniel, Husnen Nanaz, Robiah Binte Murat & Mohd Bin Razali

Pak Suleh used to be the Penghulu (headman) of his village, but five years ago, the government relocated his family to an HDB flat on the mainland. Life is very different for him, cooped up in this “birdhouse”. Without a village to tend, Pak Suleh feels lost.
(In Malay, 16 mins 29 secs)

5. Checkmate

A Nafa Production
Directed/Written by Willy Tan
Actors: Michael Chua & Amy Yan-Luong

David Lee, a man disillusioned with life, goes through counselling in prison for the murder of his wife.
(In English, 14 mins)

6. AFLOAT  斗鱼

A Ngee Ann Polytechnic Production
Directed/Written by Reuben Foong
Actors: Kong Ling Jing Sherry Tao & Michael Chua

Xiao Wen and her mother are a close-knit pair, but the former’s wish to return to their homeland remains only hers. When her mother’s new partner enters their lives, Xiao Wen decides to take action.

(In Mandarin, 14 mins)

7. The Next Plot

A Michael Chua Production and Red Dot Filmmakers 
Directed/Written by Michael Chua
Actors: Michael Chua, Amy Yan & Joann Wu

Kit Lee is in deep grief over the lost of his wife and the complications that follows.

(In English and Mandarin, 5 minutes 28 seconds)

8. 有情常在 BFF

A Production by Revelation Productions
Directed/Written by Kelvin Sng
Actors: Michael Chua, Hui Xin, Shawna Wu, Sun Yifang & Daniel Moore.

Xiao Hui lives her life like many young people, living a busy and hasty life, until an life changing event hit her, as a reminder to cherish the people close and dear to her, and that life is after all, beautiful.

(In English and Mandarin, 11 minutes)

9. The Piano Teacher
A United World College, SEA, Singapore Production.
Written by
Directed by David Boot 
Actors: Michael Chua & Edmund Heng.

The story of a once well established piano teacher, now in dementia. 

(In English,  8 minutes)

10. I Could Have Been Happy

A Nanyang Technological University, School of Arts, Design and Media productions.
Directed/Written by Anson Goh
Actors: Michael Chua, Linda Goh & Rosemary Lau.

A middle-aged man futile attempt to seek love and happiness. 

(In English,  7 minutes)

11. Last Week My Brother Raped Me

A Lasalle School of the Arts, Puttnam School of Films Production
Directed/Written by Say Peng
Actors: Michael Chua, De Zhong & Leeiann

The trauma that follows the rape of the daughter in the family.

(In English, 12 minutes)

12. My Father's Smile

A Lasalle School of the Arts, Puttnam School of Films Production
Directed/Written by Marisa Goh
Actors: Michael Chua, Yolby Low & Kelly Lim

A divorced man takes his son to a journey of fantasy and make-belief to mask the harsh realities of life.

(In English, 12 minutes)

13. Hua

A Ngee Ann Poly
Directed/Written by Derek Ong
Actors: Michael Chua, Derek Ong, Kelly Cheung & Catherine Ho

A picture paints a thousand words and more, much to his astonishment in the barn.

(In Cantonese, 9 minutes)


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