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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Super Sexy HIV Awareness Video

"It's hard to concentrate with you girls slithering around me. Do you mind?!"
This video is not an award winner, well not yet anyway, but it garnered more than 100,000 hits, in less than one month, since it was uploaded in YouTube. There must be something  that the Orientals know better than Westerners about promoting HIV awareness with just the right titillation, adopting the Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy of 'using poison to fight poison'. This one does that, by using sex to promote safe sex.

By award winning director Royston Tan.

The song is sung by the Baobei Sisters (Babes in the City) in the Southern Chinese dialect of Hokkien, the lingua-franca of the man in the street in Malaysia and Singapore, especially of those who frequent sleezy bars. It advocates the use of the 'rubber' to protect the body and not to neglect oneself out of mischievous novelty.

Call time for this shoot was especially early at 6.30am, just as the real karaoke girls were going home from the night's work. They didn't look very healthy in the open under bright lights, so I was glad when these gorgeous dancing girls  turned up to do their numbers for this clip.

Both myself and the co-actor were only given about 3 days to memorize the rap in Hokkien and then mime it during the shoot, followed by additional dialogue recording thereafter where we have to sing the rap.

In all, it was all great fun and all for a good cause. And besides the dancing girls, I really love the street culture kitsch! :)

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