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Sunday, December 6, 2015

I Could Have Been Happy

This film is about a man and his fling with a woman and the twist that comes towards the end. The shoot took two days, with the second day stretching over late into the night. Even that, there were smiles all round, thanks to their boundless energy and enthusiasm of the team. I won't spoil your fun watching the film, so go ahead below...

I Could've Been Happy by Goh Ansen from Goh Ansen on Vimeo.

Just in case you wonder,... it was quite safe of me crying and looking away in despair while driving in the scene. In reality, the car was stationary and we shook the camera instead to give the impression of a moving car. The flashes of passing streetlights were LED light manually operated by a gaffer on the passenger seat. The rest of them mounted themselves on the bonnet to capture me on the driver's seat. :)

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