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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Directed and scripted by Reuben Foong.
Starring: Kong Ling Jing Sherry Tao Michael Chua

It will be screened at the Singapore International Film Festival on: 
Come and support local indie film makers.

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Here is some of the floating feeling during the shoot...

This film is shot a la  Reuben Foong's style - wide and medium shots with long takes, and lots of retakes till the director's heart's content. In a good sense, as concern for details is a definite quality of a successful director in the making. 

Long take films are piece-wise smooth and continuous, allowing the audience to immerse more easily. For the actor, it is closer to real life, not having his scenes fragmented by short takes and editing inserts.

You will enjoy the film. Go watch it.

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