"Acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances." -- Sanford Meisner


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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Surreality in the Act.

There are times when the story gets surprisingly surreal -  stories so close to my life that I get into character in an instance. But to have the story appearing right next to me is another matter and outright ridiculous. Here are some surprising coincidents:

Story One: Right next to the apartment where I played the role of the Karung-guni man (rag-and-bone man), is an apartment where an old man stored the house with mountains of junk right up to his living room. He is more than likely a real Karung-guni man!

Story Two: In a video about "Pandemic", I acted as a hawker who persisted to cook and prepare food despite being sick. In between the takes in the scene where my character sneezes and turns dizzy under the weather, I found a real life cook next to me preparing the day's food moaning about how he has to work despite being sick.

"Why are you not at home resting," I asked. "Nobody else here knows how to prepare the dishes," said he.

With Wendy Toh.

Story Three: In a TV docu-drama about unfair dismissal and draconian bosses, in the office where we used as location, there was a prominent slogan on the wall that speaks to the effect of:

"If you do not work hard today, you will be working hard to find a job tomorrow."

It is arguable if the slogan is meant to be motivational. My guess is that a truly motivational environment needn't be explicitly reminding their folks with such intimidating slogans. What do you think? 

But,... all is good! It goes to show that they got the stories right and that some people really need to be educated on some issues.

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