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Monday, April 8, 2013

Lianhe WanBao Interview about Hentak Kaki

"Hentak Kaki" has brought me places. After it won the SIFF Best Film Award and subsequently the SSFA Best Performance Award, I have been invited to radio interviews, film screening Q&A panels and now the Singapore Chinese tabloid Lianhe Wanbao's interview about the film, James (the director) and me.

In brief, it covers:
the story in the film, the introduction of James and me; the positive remarks made by netizens (including one that says that "Hentak Kaki" is better than "Ah Boyz to Men". They also interviewed Mr Jack Neo the director of "Ah Boyz to Men" about Hentak Kaki and he remarked that it (Hentak Kaki) is a film well made.

Hentak Kaki has gone viral in Cyberspace. Here are the sites and some interesting remarks:


KohChris: Nice film! But why so short?

daylight: It's a short film, that's y so short

racife: quite good. ups for LT - local talent

cute_togepi : Yah agree, this should be Ah Boys to Men 3.

Kronuslee: thanks for the sic, really meaningful short film. (I'd) rather they shoot it into a movie......than keep coming out with (other) crap army films

kampong boi: so good and funny, that I watch it a 2nd time...

makan007: Well done. Great short film

derektrex: who's in the prison? the counsellor or detainee?

simbunchPuff: Such a heart wrenching film - the "counselor" turns out to be the one being counseled. I hope it gives pause to the locals who doubt the dedication of our regular personnel. A shame they used a kaki beret ;)

lozo: pretty interesting film, I think it would strike a chord in most regulars currently in the corp. Other audience outside Singapore or the SAF may not appreciate it as much.

Yahoo! News
Ta:  To survive,we must adapt.

Brad: This short film is amazing. Thumbs up!!!
Richie gan: Life is a reality lah. If really injured and can no longer take a combat role, there are other non-combat roles that you can serve. You still got a job and it is not the end of your career. Cheer up lah !!

SG Merc

Ah Bui: That's e real life..... I'm a very good example..... Had I stayed.... I could easily be a WO... Or a what they called Weapon Expert III or IV... But with a damaged knee.... There's nothing much for me.... So my advice to most is... If u are feeling stagnant.... It's time to move on.... Like Raj says.... Outside I got family... House... Car and freedom..... Inside.... Only respect... And nothing else..... 

My Car Forum

Rncw:  "good short film....this is what you get straight in the face kind of reality....either be contended and hentak kaki or get out to the real world "

Sammy Boy
Blondi : Almost every WO will have to face this decision. He is not the only one. 

Black Technology

ST Communities

SG Forums

Forums SG Club

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