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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reel Frenz

At Hans Cafe, 1 Pickering Street, Singapore on 12 Jan 2013.

Reel Frenz is a Meetup.com group founded by Marrie Lee, the lead actress of "They Call Her Cleopatra Wong" (1978), on the 19th November 2012. It is for people who loves movie making. The Group's page profile says that it is:

"A group with a passion”. It is THE place where actors, directors, scriptwriters, lights, camera, sound, music writers / directors and arts students can call home. A place to discuss, pitch ideas and come together for film and video projects. See your ideas turn into reality. You can be a pro, an amateur, someone with creative passion or a movie goer with ideas. If you have an actor, singer, scriptwriter, producer, director, cinematographer, musician, animator, editor, makeup artist, special effects creator, special skills, critic or film industry specialist hidden somewhere in you, please come and join us. Be a pioneer in this new group!!

Marrie has appointed me as one of the Group's co-organisers and acting coach. This is a voluntary role and something I am giving back to the community, so that people who are passionate about movies can "just do it".

Casting for our short film, "Once Upon a Stormy Night"

To date, there have been an introductory meetup, a script writing exercise, a group script discussion, a casting call for a short film the Group is intending to make and a screening of "They Call Her Cleopatra Wong".

Marrie showing us some of the posters of her films

I am impressed with the enthusiasm of the Group and the various talents it has attracted. Perhaps groups like these herald a new era of film making, where it is more communal and less objectified. All these are made possible with the advent of digital technologies and the affordability of equipment like digital cameras and LED lights; and the connectivity of Internet social groups and smartphones to organise everyone with relative ease.

Here are some video clips of "They Call Her Cleopatra Wong". Enjoy!


Join us if you are passionate about film making and have the commitment to do it.

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