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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Pupil Season 2 - Episode 10

The Pupil, by Film Formations
Executive Producer: Lee Thean-Jeen
Original Broadcast Channel: Mediacorp Singapore Channel 5

I enjoyed watching Season 1 of the Pupil so much that I ended up playing a part in Episode 10 of Season 2, as the taxi driver key witness, sometime July 2011. So be careful with what you think, for they will come true.

During the shoot, I was overworked and down with a mild flu, and so was struggling to remember my lines. At those very critical moments, all I really wanted was just to close my eyes and sleep, but no, the show must go on. It is very important to be reliable and committed as an actor to perform, in sickness or in health. That said, I see one too many young upstarts foolishly giving that away, pulling out of shoots just a day before, or even not turning up at all!

In the story, Mr Chua's part was to blurt out the tell-tale signs of homicide he witnessed while ferrying  Regina Toh (played by Mindee Ong) in his taxi, back to her apartment after she had killed the flamboyant stud and blackmail artist Wayne (played by Benny Soh). The hearing was cross-examined by the defence lawyer Wendy (played by Rebecca Lim) and  SPP Vivienne Lau (played by Vernetta Lopez).

The courtroom was a mock-up of freshly lacquered plywood props, as the real old Supreme Court was going through renovations. I can sympathise with the cast and crew for having to work in the closed circulation of intoxicating lacquer for such prolonged hours. Also, a few times during my takes, the fake window frames fell off. But those were no show stoppers - just some inadvertent comic reliefs! 

I have not updated this blog for the last four weeks because I was busy on set and also was looking for a video editing tool to cut out clips to be uploaded here. So, here it is.

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