"Acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances." -- Sanford Meisner


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blissful Scripts

Life is a bliss without the agitation

This is one shoot that I will remember because I finished up feeling more relaxed than I had started. It was set by the banks of Lower Pierce Reservoir, amid the tropical nature reserves of Singapore. There was tranquility and silence punctuated by the gentle waves beating the shore and the brush of leaves against the breeze. A dream come true for the audio man to capture pristine sound.

It was a production for a soft drink ad. A scene where I sat by a deck chair fishing and having an innocent discussion with a little boy about why real men consume the drink. It was amusing and tongue-in-cheek. Why aren't more scripts like this?

There are more aggressive and violent scripts than happy and peaceful ones. Perhaps that is because more people can relate to the former better, and it gives them that adrenaline rush they need. Which is  why TV drama soaps usually have a key character in a hospital intensive care unit dying of terminal cancer. Just watching a few minutes of these dramas stresses me out, let alone acting as one of the characters.

Author and spiritual teacher, Ekhart Tolle once said that there are such films because they are 'pain films demanded by pain bodies'. 'Pain bodies' as in a body suffering from the directions of an un-peaceful soul. So until we find peace within, there will be demand for 'painful' films that painful bodies relate well to. Pain is due to fear. Many people make money selling 'fear' and nobody made any money selling love.

Given the choice, I would choose a peaceful day anytime. Wouldn't you?
A part of you says "Yes" and another yearns for the 'excitement', isn't it? :)

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  1. I like the idea of pain bodies - especially since a lot of writing is (personally) an effort to find some meaning, if not peace. The result doesn't necessarily have to be melancholy, but I do think some sort of 'pain' helps the creative process.

  2. It is said that no matter what film a script writer writes, even if it is about a fish, it actually traces its roots to the story of the writer. So your comment about taking 'pain' as an impetus to write rings so true. And better yet the end product need not necessarily be melancholy.

    Thank you enlightening.

  3. your understanding is true---most of us seem to seek pain, painful bodies directed by an unpeaceful soul,.....the highest philosophy says --we are all here to heal ourselves!! so may be when we are healed--we wont seek such painful themes! the more we see pain in todays media(vengence and violence dominate many serials) seems to indicate the unrest and lack of peace in our souls :)