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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Piano Lesson

"The Piano Lesson" is a story about a son's frustrating attempts to reconcile with his father, who is suffering from dementia and who was  once an accomplished pianist.

This is a production by three students from the United World College, South East Asia, in Singapore. Writer: Malcolm Macdonald
Director: David Boot
Sound/Editor: Geoffrey Wu

The results turned out surprisingly well. Edmund Heng (who plays the son) and I, didn't know what to expect, as the scenes were captured in very short takes. It is hard for actors to hold consistent emotions in multiple short takes, and harder for the editor to stitch together multiple short footages. Anyway, it all ended well.

It was a pleasure watching the video. Very touching. It even made me cry. This film will touch the hearts of those who have lived with someone close to them, who had suffered dementia. It is currently sent to several film festivals and hence we cannot show it here yet.

But, I have cut a trailer out of the 7 minute film, so here it is:

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