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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ian Lee is Finally Dead

Ian Lee is dead, finally. His death came suddenly, much to the surprise of many, even close friends and colleagues.

Here is a video...

Do you like the video? :)

Ya, the guy is dead! I don't know about him, but I was scared. And that's no Legacy!

We spent the whole weekend at the funeral, giving Ian Lee the best send off we could. However, the plot will continue to unfold. More in the following weeks... 

We are still in the midst of getting Ian Lee "Certified Dead". It will go on every weekend till the end of May 2015. We need your support. If you are feeling generous, please go to our campaign at Indiegogo.com. Don't wait for the DVD, we need your money now. Lol

Click here.

The money contributed will pay for post production, locations, transport and food to feed our cast and crew. As this is an artiste collaboration, none of us are paid upfront, but we hope that there will at least be money to pay for the food for the cast and crew. So please do help us.

Click here.

How was it like playing dead?
It was awkward initially. Talking is cheap, but when it came to actually climbing into the coffin and lying in there, it was creepy.

But, the fear was mostly psychological, and after a few times, it was just like lying in any other box, only more comfortable. Sound quality was great as the sides are all cushioned and there was not many other places the sound could leak to. Surprisingly, that made it easier for me to deliver my lines as I could hear myself so clearly. Well, I think I was hearing myself clearly. No alien voices I think.

It was very hot inside though, as the hall was not air-conditioned and  I had to wear a long sleeve shirt and a blazer.

Lastly, it is a privilege to have such a try-out before the real thing - a live rehearsal (as opposed to a dead rehearsal).

Probably the funniest we-fie I ever had.

Click here 

to help us spread the word around about our crowdfunding campaign. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Is Ian Lee actually a horrible person pretending to be good? Woooah... that can put me in a hairy situation!  Can't tell you yet! We need the funds to continue.

Watch this space. More in the coming weeks. If you don't hear from us, that means we ran out of money!!! Or it gotten so bad, we got our dead man repossesed. Repossesed... posession... spirits... get it? Lol

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