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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Justice Devil - The Big Project

The Big Project is on to get the BIGini girl, as The New Paper likes to call her, back to shape - the healthy way! This is no anorexia, so Ris will continue to eat, and eat ... :)

Wearing my fitness trainer hat.

I didn't know that becoming a co-producer will require so much more, but now I do. The Project starts today.

We will be keeping tabs on her progress...  :)

"Justice Devil" is going through the Singapore Media Development Authority's (MDA) rating process now. We hope to launch it by the end of October 2013. We will keep you informed.

As of Singapore Time 0935H 23rd September 2013, our trailer has reached 120,363 hits since 4th September 2013. It increased exponentially since the media interviews. Our daily hits now is about 10,000 a day. So there must be something that we are doing right. :)

Also, thanks to your valuable feedback about the sound peaking in the trailer. We are aware of that and have corrected that in the movie per se. 

Thank you for making "Justice Devil" a devil of a hit!

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  1. errm so how heavy is Ris now?

  2. I believe so long as one's determined, nothing is impossible. Jiayou! :)

  3. the public eye is really putting really high standards on superficial appearances. she actually looks fine here, compared to TNP's photos.