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Comedy Open Mic - 24 Oct 2017

Comedy Open Mic - 24 Oct 2017
We had splendid nights on the 12th and 26th September. Come and support my fellow comics and me again and have a night and fun and laughter, on the 24 OCTOBER 2017!!!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Crimewatch 2013 Ep04 Part 1 - Online Sex

Acted in this episode last month as the father of a boy who got tricked into showing his willy  to a crafty girl online and subsequently blackmailed. This is a reminder to the mischievous, adventurous and gullible.  Amid the lifestyle intensified by the Internet and smartphones, a little titillation and side track can lead one down the slippery slope of moral decay played out in accelerated time. It is amazing how our procreational instincts can often land us in deep waters. :)

Production was swift, executed chop-chop with the Mediacorp crew at a beautiful penthouse, conveniently near my home.. I think both the lead actors delivered their roles very convincingly. Applause!

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