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Monday, December 3, 2012

Reunion Dinner

Director: Shawn Wang. Director of Photography: Jasmine Poh.
Actors: Michael Chua, Shannen Tan, Simorrah Nadya Seow.

This is a story of a depressed and drunk father who took his frustrations of his wife walking out of him on his two young girls.

Production time was extremely tight. We didn't have prior rehearsals.The dialogue and camera positions were tried out  with adjustments and adaptation with the movements and emotions on set. We also had to rush to finish the scene before sunset.

I was particularly cautious using the (real) knife so close to the two girls and suggested that I held her hand firm on the table to restrict movements and avoid accidents.

The beer is real and its overflowing onto the floor and being knocked over the tables were spontaneous! :)  Realistic visuals like these do happen when we allow them to.

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