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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tamil TV Comedy

This is not a "Good Food Guide" programme with Vasantham star and funny man Vadi Pvss, but a photo taken during the production of "Thiru Valluvan - Season 2". "Thiru Valluvan" is a Mediacorp Vasantham (Tamil) Channel 15-episode Comedy Series, produced by Silverscreen International and directed by Sivakumar, about a central character of the same name. The story in the second season revolves around the mystery of a murder that happened in a condominium.

I acted as one of the condo dwellers who operates a covert loan shark business on the side, out of his wheeler-dealer instincts and greed for the rapidly multiplying profits; supposedly also due to the bad influence of a friend (or so he claims). My dialogues are in English with a smattering of Hokkien and Mandarin, to reflect the multi-racial environment. So you get lines like:

"Your Tamil and English campur ("mix" in Malay) like chap-chai ("mixed vegetables" in Hokkien),... I don't understand anything..."

Acting in comedy is fun. It is a lot like bantering with old friends and capturing them on camera as evidence! Some of the jokes actually came right out of our playful improvisation in between takes. 

I had to remember the dialogue cues (in Tamil) that triggers my dialogue. It was a bit of a challenge at times, as I had to express myself without fully understanding the nuances of what was said. It got easier later on as I learned to respond according to the whole performance of the co-actor.

The cast and crew is a closely knitted bunch and it  feels like family in an outing on set.  Lunches were packs of delicious curries with a mountain of rice. Yes, "mountain of rice" - such is the quantity typically found in Indian food take-away. I feel very happy after every shoot. It was pleasurable and definitely didn't feel like work.

The TV series is expected to be broadcasted sometime around the coming Deepavali.

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