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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Hokkien Spewing Loan Shark

An extract from "A Price For Everything", a 10-minute film by RetroArts, directed by Yanni Ang.

In an ideal world, there would only be happy stories and scripts, not stories of gambling addictions, loan sharks, gangsters, foul language, kidnap and murder. And with that, I have just summarized the story of this film. 

I must confess that I had once upon a time fantasized of playing the role of a Hokkien (a Southern Chinese dialect) spewing gangster, and viola, here I am. So I would watch my thoughts here on, for they will come true!

The director wanted the dialogue to be colloquial and natural, deliberately careless with formal constructs and grammar - the street lingo of gangsters in Singapore, that is, the older gangsters, as the younger ones now speak Mandarin and Singlish.

I have butchered this clip out from the film proper myself. A very rough cut, since I had to hurry this through in between shoots and was working with very limited free software. The original film editing is way better.

Gangster roles are loud. There is a lot of shouting, intimidation, struggles and action. It is aggravating just living such a life just for the shoot, let alone being stuck with it for life! Thank God, this is only a fantasy - a film!

I prefer blissful scripts. One that makes me feel more relaxed after the shoot, than before. It happened before! Check it out, click here.

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